I also learned about how to form proper arguments in English. It goes along with learning how to write to inform. This is the first in a series of six videos related to that. 

Top 20 Logical Fallacies

I recently learned about these in English class. Very good information to know, whether you’re a writer or not.

Under Pressure

Soooo….I’m through my second week and well, as you can see by how often I’ve posted that I have had absolutely no time. I had really wanted to write more often about the experiences, but as it turns out, 2 classes at an accelerated rate works out to be about 36 hours a week of homework, which is essentially a full time job. And as I already have a full time job, I now have two. 

I am really enjoying my classes; English has been extremely eye opening. We are learning about composition, and it has shown me new ways to look at the writing process, and all sorts of things I didn’t know about. It’s really helped me see that people that write well aren’t necessarily excessively talented. They likely need to research, plan, make drafts, edits, and get input from other people. They don’t just sit down and write an epic article in one sitting. Learning these principles will really be beneficial in my future. 

History class is also very interesting. Even though I’ve learned about history in high school, you don’t retain it. You start to jumble your facts and things you hear or see on TV start to muddle things. It’s good to know how things really happened, and how they helped shape not only my country but the whole world. We actually have two history books that we are reading. One that actually covers the whole subject and the facts, and another that explores how historians come about their conclusions about the past and the techniques they use. This is extremely interesting to me. The last chapter I read had a fascinating exploration of the Salem Witch Trials, and I was amazed to see how many different angles they were able to come up with by researching various aspects and reconstructing facts. It was really eye opening to see how things can be so much more complicated than we thought they were. 

Anyway, I need to get to bed because I have a long day of studying tomorrow. I’m going to try to start posting nightly if I can, and discuss the topics of the day. Here’s to hoping I have time. 

School Starts Tomorrow! (Officially)

I am excited yet nervous about school starting tomorrow! The English class is a lot more in depth than what I expected, and that is actually a good thing, because I really feel like it’s going to help teach me how to be a better writer, which is something I want very much. I just wasn’t prepared for everything involved. And perhaps it looks more daunting than it actually is. But at the moment it looks like a lot of work. I’ve already started to get some of the early stuff done, and I can’t wait to really dig in!

Wish me luck!

I have been holding on to this photo for awhile with the thought in my head that I was going to start this blog someday, and now that I have I wanted to share it, because while I think it had a different audience intended originally, I think it plays particularly well to the tech writing crowd.

I have been holding on to this photo for awhile with the thought in my head that I was going to start this blog someday, and now that I have I wanted to share it, because while I think it had a different audience intended originally, I think it plays particularly well to the tech writing crowd.

Preparing For School

I have been rather busy this week with getting prepared for school. I spoke to my academic advisor earlier in the week and received some great news! My previous adventures in education have actually paid off in that I am getting credit towards the credit hours I needed to complete the degree! Out of the 120 credit hours needed to complete the degree, they gave me credit for 64 of them. What that means is that even though that leaves 56 credit hours, I still have certain course requirements that must be filled regardless of credit hours. So the reality is that I will have to take more than 56, but the absolute max would be 80. It will likely fall in between. That made me very happy, because it means I won’t be in school for 4 or 5 years.  (I’m crossing my fingers on 2 to no more than 3.) 

However, I also ran into a snag. As I have been out of school for [redacted] years, and my schooling since then has all been from technical colleges, they need to me to take a placement exam for English. So I had to find a proctor and set up a time when I could go take this test. Apparently I am going to be taking the essay only portion of the ACCUPLASER exam. I haven’t written an essay in…well let’s just say a long time so I don’t have to redact again. And that’s what I have been doing with my day, brushing up on how to write essays. 

Just so we’re clear, I’m always going to redact things of a personal nature because 1) redacting is actually kind of fun, I see why the government does it so much, and 2) I want to keep my personal life out of this blog and focus on the academia, my experiences in this, and the English language. This blog is never going to be my personal soapbox, I have other outlets for that.

And on the bizarre note, I have followers. Hi followers! I really didn’t expect any. Nice to meet you. :)


I am an aspiring Technical Writer (Communicator) and I wanted to create a blog that tells the story of my journey. I plan on posting about the schooling I’m going to start soon, along with my attempts at practicing my communications skills.  

I am not a good “creative” or journalistic writer, at least not yet, but that is not my goal. I find that I have a knack for being able to write documentations and instructions people find useful. This in turn has blossomed into my decision to go back to school at the ripe old age of [redacted] and get a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication from Arizona State University. (More on that in future posts.) I’m looking forward to becoming not only a better writer, but also learning to use other methods of communication to help get info to people. 

I have no idea if anyone will ever read this, but if you do, I hope you enjoy!